Winter driving – A Winter wonderland? Be prepared!

Many of the people reading this will only see real snow for a couple of days each year – or less.

This means that, despite the tail-slide that you luckily managed to recover from back in 2008, you are not an expert!

Getting ready for winter is essential for all drivers, especially salespeople and others who depend on driving to earn a living.

Whether you are covering long distances or simply making short journeys, it is worth making sure that you are fully prepared for the problems that can, and often will, arise in winter weather. In the UK, most years seem to have one or two days of ‘sudden’ cold weather.

This weather leaves many drivers stranded and sadly almost always results in one or two deaths from hypothermia.

The authorities could possibly do more but the starting point for winter safety is looking after yourself (and those around you!).

Whilst road deaths that are directly attributable to bad weather may be relatively rare, winter snow, ice, rain and fog can cause a lot of inconvenience and cost you dearly in both time and money.

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