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Learning to drive – who should take driving lessons and why learning to drive is important


Learning to drive is something absolutely crucial nowadays. Once you have learnt, you will have acquired a life-long skill that will be useful in many situations.

Particularly, when taking driving lessons with prepared and expert instructors, you will also learn how to drive a car in the most secure way, both for others and yourself.

What you will learn

Driving lessons should be attended by everyone that wants to learn to drive and get their driving licence. The best choice is to find a good driving school, which can properly prepare you to drive in different situations and environments.

You will not only learn how to drive a car, but how to recognise and read signs, be aware of your surroundings, plan ahead and how to behave on the road with other road users around you, last but not least, how to manage any of the dangers and perils that you can face when driving a car.

You will learn to drive through residential, rural and city areas, paying attention to the various ‘obstacles’ and hazards that you may find on your way: people walking, bikes, motorbikes, other cars and buses, just to name a few.


Driving and your job

It is important to have driving lessons not just because you will learn how to behave properly when on the road, but also because driving is a real skill.

In many cases, when getting a job, your employer will require you to have a driver’s licence. People that work directly with customers and clients often need to go directly to them, sometimes in places that public transportation does not reach with ease, or does not reach at all. Having a driving licence will help you when facing such a situation, and in some cases add an important skill to your resume.

Driving in the UK for a foreigner

Even for a foreigner, taking driving lessons in the UK could be very useful. The UK is one of the few countries where cars drive on the left. Left-hand drive can surely be tricky for those used to driving on the right side of the road. It is advisable that everyone coming from a right-hand driving country take some driving lessons for the left-hand side, to get used to it.

With the left-hand drive your point of reference and the actual way you drive changes dramatically, thus having an instructor explaining and helping you in the change will be quite helpful.


In any situation, driving is something serious: it can be fun, but it can be also quite challenging. There are many speed limits and rules which drivers have to follow to prevent dangerous situations, and only with the help of an instructor can you follow a path, acquiring the skills through time and becoming a good and safe driver.

Driving lessons in Newcastle upon Tyne – Learn to drive in Newcastle and Gateshead with Experience Driving School

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