Advanced level Driving Skills

Advanced level Driving Skills

Our advanced driving course will ensure that you receive the skills and knowledge to enhance your driving skills and maximise your road safety. If you feel nervous, unsure or uneasy on the road or you just want a refresher course that will simply make you a better, safer driver than we will provide you with all the expertise you need through our qualified, experienced, friendly instructors. Our advanced driving instructors are more than happy to guide you on your path to becoming a confident driver.

Expert Trainers

Our exceptional instructors are dedicated to making you feel assured behind the wheel. They are all experienced in getting results from a whole range of different driving abilities, instilling confidence in the most unsure of drivers. Our instructors are carefully chosen for their extensive qualifications and helpful, welcoming manner and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get the most out of your advanced driving course.

We can accommodate all levels of Driving Ability

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned driver who feels they need to refresh or a new driver who feels uncomfortable, we accept any and all drivers. The courses include an assessment of your driving so the course can be adapted to you. The lessons can even be taken in your own car, however we will provide a tuition car if needed.

Advanced Driving Techniques Covered on the Course

  • Advanced Motorway Driving Skills
  • Defensive Driving Skills
  • Advanced Observation Skills
  • Improved Speed Awareness
  • Better Space Management
  • Improved Hazard/Risk Management Awareness

The Benefits of taking an Advanced Driving Course

Make Huge Savings on Fuel Costs – The ever-rising cost of fuel means that this training could pay for itself within a year! Studies by the Energy Saving Trust found that drivers who undertake advanced driver training see an improvement in MPG of between 10% and 25%

Decrease the risk of accidents- the road can be a very dangerous place, but this course will make sure you are prepared for any situation you may encounter.

Increase Your Driving Ability- Learn how to get the most out of your car with expert tips on how to control your car and confront any issues you had previously had a problem with.

Requirements and Information

The course can take place in your vehicle, which must be a roadworthy car or a van, and you will need to bring along your documentation which the instructor will check, to include your Driver’s licence, a valid MOT Certificate (if applicable) and your Car Insurance Certificate. We can provided a tuition car if required.

The standard half day driving course lasts approximately 3 hours. You also have the option to extend the session to a full day; this will allow more time to work on a wider range of driving skills and is approximately 6 hours in duration.

If you require a tuition vehicle please ensure you let us know if you would like a manual or automatic car.