The True Cost of Cheap Driving Lessons

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The True Cost of Cheap Driving Lessons

New learner drivers should look for quality instruction over cheap deals as learning to drive otherwise they could end up paying more!

An Ipsos MORI poll of advertisers has found the cost of professional driving lessons varies by more than £26 across the UK.

The poll also shows that getting your driving licence could cost in excess of £1,000, with the average lesson price in the UK being £22.30.This is based on DirectGov.’s recommendation that the average learner driver needs 45 professional lessons and 22 hours of private practice to pass their driving test.

Remember quality should always be the residing factor – more so than price – when choosing a driving school to teach you this important life skill as good, quality driving instruction is not a something you should compromise on. Being taught well, to the highest possible standards is crucial in ensuring safe driving for life.

” James Wallace, of motoring site, is quoted as saying, “learning to drive with siblings, spouses or relatives can result in unintentional bad habits that can mean the difference between passing and failing, it’s best to shop around and go with the pros.”

This is a statement we would agree with. It is advisable to take professional instruction in the first instance. Your instructor will then be able to advise if and when you should supplement your lessons with private practice.

There are lots of deals and offers out there, but learners should make sure they do their research before getting behind the wheel with an instructor who promises ‘cheap lessons – pass quickly.’

It is understandable that the cost involved in learning to drive is a key factor, but when considering your choice of driving school looking for the cheapest option is not always the most economic, you should instead ensure you’re getting the best possible instruction.

“Our ethos at Experience Driving is to teach ‘safe driving for life’, not to just pass a test.”

Also ask yourself  ‘What makes up the cost of a driving lesson and how much should it really be?’

When costing a driving lesson using the ‘cost-based method’ there are a number of things to be considered.


Tuition Car (Bought or leased)

Interest on loans for cars etc Depreciation (on purchased cars)

Dual control equipment fitted to tuition car


Road Tax

Instructors Insurance


Car Cleaning

Accountancy fees

Telephone charges


ADI Licence Subscriptions

In addition:


Pension contribution

Personal accident/hospital sickness insurance

Short-term sickness

Holiday Entitlement (self employed people don’t get holiday pay)

It is surprising just what it can work out to be!

It works out to be around £30 per hour!

However it’s a competitive market and competition drives down prices but when does the low prices drive down the standards of teaching?

The cheapest driving schools and lesson costs are not always the best VALUE!

What’s your thoughts, feed back welcome!

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