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Debates have been observed among ambitious motorists and experts as to which is better to learn between automatic Tuition or Manual driving lessons.

Manual transmission vehicle also known as standard transmission; typically is driver-operated wherein the driver uses the gear stick and clutch to be able to move.

Automatic transmission also known as automatic gearbox can automatically change gears as the vehicle moves.

Everyone has a different viewpoint on which is better between manual and automatic. Some look for convenience while others consider car’s management as well as control. In either situation, it is just a driver’s choice that creates the distinction.

Understandably, everybody wants the best of the best, and if you are considering making an investment in buying an automobile, then there is a lot to consider.

Vehicle Cost and Maintenance

A manual transmission ideally is likely to cost less than an automatic one. It is considered to be inconvenient because the driver is in charge of moving through the gears. It requires one hand on the wheel and one to adjust the shift. Because of the way a manual transmission is set up, it is easier to work on than an automatic. This means that it will take a technician less time to repair and in turn, the cost will be less. In older models, fluids need to be removed and replaced according to the manufacturer’s specification.

Automatic vehicles can be more costly to be overhauled and serviced. Additionally, the unit price is more expensive for automatic compared to that of a manually operated vehicle, the parts cost high as well.

But the decision to choose a manual driving lesson or automatic tuition is not made based on the cost of the vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency

As automatic vehicles are designed to give more convenience in function, its pitfall exists on the fuel efficiency part. If you are price conscious, you will want to get on a manual instead and preserve up to 10% in gas mileage. A manual generally uses less fuel while the automated ones use more. It has to do with the amount of management that the car owner has in speeding up and reducing down using the gears.

Vehicle Control and Operation

When a person learns how to drive, there are so many different aspects that need to be taken into account. There are mirrors to observe, steering wheel to handle, traffic hazards to look out for and navigating to your destination. Manual vehicles require the driver to have complete management over the gears whereas for the automated, the function is restricted only on the two pedals, the most practical way to learn to drive is using an automatic.

Learning Manual or Automatic

For new students, setting lessons on automatic tuition is much simpler. It is not always easy to understand the moment between pushing and releasing the clutch which is common in a manual car. A manual uses a stick shift to change the gears.

In order to make the transition, the driver needs to press down on the clutch, located to the left of the brake. Every time the gears are moved, the pedal needs to be pressed.

Some students opt for having training in both manual and automatic. That way they are not restricted in their choice of vehicles to drive  later on.

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