Are you a victim of the ‘Speed Kills’ speed trap?

Speed – The real speed traps!

If the posters are to be believed, ‘Speed Kills’ (or in Welsh ‘Mae cyflymder yn lladd’!). But are they leading us into a false sense of security?

How many people would still be alive to day if the message was ‘Any Speed can Kill’… Because the truth is that you could kill at 2mph as easily as at 90mph if you are inattentive or careless.

And how many people would think twice if the message paced their reality on the road – Speed Thrills, but it also Kills?

Are you a victim of the ‘speed kills’ speed trap?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that your speed is safe based simply upon what you can see or because you are driving within the speed limit, but is that enough?

A basic rule of defensive driving certainly tells us to keep within the limits and consider what we can see, but also what we can’t see and what might reasonably be expected to happen.

Raise your awareness now by reading the information above and then start driving at a safe speed – regardless of whether it’s fast or slow.

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