5 Unwritten Rules of Driving

More helpful hints and tips for after you have passed your Driving Test in Newcastle.

5 Unwritten Rules of Driving

At the Experience Driving School, we go to great lengths to teach our students the rules of driving, encouraging them to begin learning them from the get go so that they can pass their theory test and gain more confidence when out on the roads. Here are a few rules that rely upon common sense and courtesy to make our roads a happier place that may not be published in the Highway Code.

1. Park with Respect

When parking your car you should always make every effort to park evenly, within the white lines. Just one person not doing this causes disruption for everyone else and increases the risk of dings and scratches when opening doors.

2. Keep it Moving at the Pump

If you are going to get fuel then make sure that you do so in as orderly a fashion as possible. You don’t have to try to achieve Formula 1 levels of efficiency, but do not use a petrol pump to talk on the phone, make checks on your car, or do your weekly shop, especially when someone is waiting behind you. Get your fuel, pay for your fuel, and pull away from the pump.

3. Never Jump the Queue

No queue jumping is an unwritten rule of life and applies to driving in the same way that it does to lining up at a supermarket checkout. If you are required to merge into traffic due to a lane closure or when approaching a toll, do not try to steal a march on the other drivers that are waiting patiently.

4. Always Use Your Manners

Driving is a much happier experience when everyone is being nice to each other, so if someone has taken the time to let you pass or has flashed you out at a junction, give them a little thank-you wave to let them know their gesture is appreciated. Even at ‘Give Way’ points when you have right of way, there is no harm in a simple nod of the head to signal your thanks.

5. Drive at the Speed of Traffic

Driving at the speed of traffic keeps things flowing along nicely, eases congestion, and reduces risk of collision. We are not saying that you should speed and we are not saying drive slow, just stick to the speed limit wherever possible, and keep within a 5-10 mph range of traffic.

Driving lessons Newcastle upon Tyne encourages all of their clients, friends and acquaintances to drive safely and courteously.

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